God’s Love

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

How it all started

Coffee bus nights.

Brian and Stella were helping out on a Christian coffee bus that used to park in our community on week nights back in 1998/99.

Brian did not want to do it – he argued that he did not want to be involved with ”these people”. How wrong he was!

Stella had already signed them up as volunteers and Brian to drive the bus.

They met many lovely people and where moved my the many stories they heard, badly damaged in their childhood and youth, which sent them on the wrong path. No-one cared for them, they were desperate and turned to alcohol and drugs to hide their pain.

Sadly, the bus stopped running due to lack of funding, this did not stop Brian and Stella. They kept working alone, helping our most vulnerable in the community. 

Out of these circumstances The Moses Project was born.

Take away the addiction, deal with their hurt and pain which takes away their anger and beautiful butterflies emerge.

Mealtime plays a significant part in our daily routine with the men. 

Each day a hot nutritious meal is provided free of charge, cooked by one of our volunteer chefs. 

Providing the men with a place to eat, to enjoy fellowship with their peers, simply sitting around a table and chatting like a typical family can make a huge difference in their daily routine of no hope.

They share their problems, and we listen in a non-judgemental manner and provide the necessary support. 

We are blessed in recieveing food donations from many of the local supermarkets, local churches and very often from individuals who just want to share a little of what they have.  


Ashley’s Story

This was a video made as part of our prize from CSJ which we were honored to win at last night’s Celebration in London.
Lots more photos to follow but just needed to share this success story and also to show the power of a mother’s love.
Together we are making a difference.
Well done Ashley

Mental Health Support

As part of our Walk and Talk program we take the men out for the day – many find it easier to share their feelings and past traumas through a more informal approach. This time we had fish and chips, ice cream, and even a bit of beach cleaning!

Midweek support groups are provided, with 1-2-1 sessions with a caring and encouraging mentor. Focus Groups target the needs of the individual. 

Examples of Activity Sessions:

  • Football
  • Bowling
  • Fishing Trips / Canoeing / Rock-Climbing
  • Archery
  • First Aid
  • Music Lessons
  • Theater Visits
  • Days Out
  • Computing Classes
  • Pool / Table Tennis

Future Plans

Our plan for the future is very simple – to continue improving what we offer our valued clients. 

In the past, during difficult times, we have:-

  • Installed purpose wet room showering facilities for use by our clients and the homeless,
  • Operated a food bank distribution hub, and 
  • carried out building modifications to provide better facilities for our clients.